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Post  telecom1988 on Tue May 12, 2009 1:59 pm

show adjacency
show bootflash:
show bootvar
show class-map
show environment alarm
show environment status
show environment temperature
show errdisable detect
show errdisable recovery
show etherchannel
show flowcontrol
show idprom
show interfaces
show interfaces counters
show interfaces description
show interfaces private-vlan mapping
show interfaces status
show interfaces switchport
show interfaces trunk
show ip cef vlan
show ip igmp interface
show ip igmp snooping mrouter
show ip igmp snooping vlan
show ip mfib
show ip mfib fastdrop
show ip mroute
show mac-address-table address
show mac-address-table aging-time
show mac-address-table count
show mac-address-table dynamic
show mac-address-table interface
show mac-address-table multicast
show mac-address-table protocol
show mac-address-table static
show mac-address-table vlan
show module
show monitor
show pagp
show platform chassis
show platform cpupacketman
show platform crashdump
show platform hardware acl
show platform hardware ip route
show platform hardware l2-lookup-cam
show platform hardware mac-address-table
show platform hardware met
show platform hardware monitor
show platform hardware mrq
show platform hardware qos
show platform hardware stp vlan
show platform health
show platform logfeatures
show platform memory address
show platform nvramenv
show platform portmap
show platform software acl
show platform software monitor
show platform software portchannel
show policy-map
show policy-map interface
show power
show qos
show qos maps
show qos aggregate policer
show qos interface
show running-config
show slot0:
show spanning-tree
show tech-support
show udld
show vlan
show vlan private-vlan
show vtp

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